Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 80

On a Cisco 2950 switch, which status LED and color combination indicates a Power On Self-Test (POST) failure?

A. system LED: no color
B. system LED: solid red
C. system LED: solid amber
D. stat LED: no color
E. stat LED: green

Correct Answer: C

A POST failure is indicated by a solid amber color on the system LED. The switch automatically runs POST which is a series of self-tests to verify proper functioning, after the power is
connected. The system LED is off (no color) at the time that POST begins. The LED will turn green if POST is successful, or it will turn amber if POST fails.
The system LED will not be colorless. The system LED will show no color at the beginning of the POST cycle, not after a POST failure.
The system LED will not be solid red after a POST failure. Cisco LEDs do not have a red color mode.
The Stat LED indicates the status of each port. If it is amber there is a signal but the port is not forwarding, either because of an address violation or it has been disabled. If it is
colorless, there is no signal. In this case:
Ensure the switch has power
Ensure the proper cable type is in use (for a switch to switch connection use a crossover cable: for a switch to host and or switch to router connection use a straight through)
Ensure a good connection by reseating all cables
If it is green, the port has a signal and is functional. Green means:
Layer 1 media is functioning between the switch and the device on the other end of the cable
Layer 2 communication has been established between the switch and the device on the other end of the cable
LAN Switching Fundamentals
Configure, verify, and troubleshoot interswitch connectivity