Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 79


Which Cisco IOS command would produce the preceding menu-based prompt for additional information?

A. tracert
B. traceroute
C. ping
D. ping

Correct Answer: D

This menu-based prompt for additional information shown would be generated by the Cisco IOS ping command when issued without a target IP address. This is also known as issuing
an extended ping. This command can be issued on the router to test connectivity between two remote routers. To execute an extended ping, enter the ping command from the
privileged EXEC command line without specifying the target IP address. It takes the command into configuration mode, where various parameters, including the destination and target
IP addresses, can be defined.
Note: You can only perform an extended ping at the privileged EXEC command line, while the normal ping works in both user EXEC mode and privileged EXEC mode.
The tracert command is incorrect because the tracert command is used by Microsoft Windows operating systems, not Cisco devices. This command cannot be run via the Cisco IOS
command line interface. However, Microsoft’s tracert utility is similar to Cisco’s traceroute utility, which is to test the connectivity or “reachability” of a network device or host. The
tracert command uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to list all of the ‘hops” or routers traversed to a destination.
The traceroute command is incorrect because this command uses Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to list all of the ‘hops” or routers traversed to a destination. It is also used
to find routing loops or errors within a network.
The ping command is incorrect because you when you issue this command you will either receive a reply from the destination or a destination unreachable message. It will
not prompt for additional information as shown
Routing Fundamentals
Configure, verify, and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 static routing
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