Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 7

Which two modes are Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) operating modes? (Choose two.)

A. User Privileged mode
B. User EXEC mode
C. Local configuration mode
D. Global configuration mode
E. NVRAM monitor mode

Correct Answers: B,D

User EXEC mode and global configuration mode are the Cisco IOS operating modes. The following list shows the Cisco IOS operating modes along with their description:
User EXEC mode: The commands in this mode are used to enable connections to remote devices and change the terminal settings for a short duration. User EXEC commands also enable you to perform basic tests and view system information.
Global configuration mode: The commands in this mode enable you to make changes to the entire system.
Privileged EXEC mode: The commands in this mode are used to configure operating parameters. This mode also provides access to the remaining command modes.
Interface configuration mode: The commands in this mode allow you to change the operation for interfaces such as serial or Ethernet ports.
ROM monitor: The commands in this mode are used to perform low-level diagnostics.
All the other options are incorrect because they are not valid Cisco IOS operating modes.
To enter privileged EXEC mode, you must enter the command enable on the router. You will then be prompted for the enable password, if one has been created.
To enter global configuration mode, you must first enter privileged EXEC mode (see above) and then enter the command configure terminal (which can be abbreviated to config t), and the router will enter a mode that allows you to make global configuration changes.

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