Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 60

.A user in your network is having trouble accessing resources and the Internet. You decide to examine the partial output of the ipconfig/all command on his machine. The output is
shown below:
Which of the following statements describes the user’s problem?

A. The default gateway address is incorrect
B. The IP address of the device is incorrect
C. There is no DNS server configured
D. IP routing is not enabled

Correct Answer: B

The IP address of the device is incorrect. It is not in the same subnet as the default gateway address. While it is possible that the default gateway address is incorrect, that is not as likely a reason, given the fact that the DNS server is also in the same IP subnet as the default gateway.

There is a DNS server configured and its IP address is If a DNS server were not configured, this user would be unable to access the Internet, even if all IP addressing problems were resolved.
IP routing is NOT enabled. However, it is not required to be enabled because this device is not acting as a router. The device does not need IP routing enabled to access resources and the Internet if all other IP addressing issues are resolved.

Infrastructure Services
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