Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 53

.A host is powered up, but the connected switch port does not turn amber or green.
Which of the following methods would you use to troubleshoot the situation? (Choose three. Each answer is a complete solution.)

A. Ensure the switch is powered up.
B. Reinstall Windows on the workstation.
C. Reseat the cable.
D. Ensure that the cable is straight-through.
E. Ensure that the cable is crossover.

Correct Answer: ACD

A black or unlit switch port LED is symptomatic of a Layer 1 problem. The port LED should first turn amber and then turn solid green when a host is powered up. The amount of time it takes to turn solid green will depend on the Spanning Tree Protocol configuration. If the LED is unlit, you should ensure that the switch is powered up and that a straight-through cable is used to connect a switch port to a host, such as a workstation or a printer. If the switch is powered up and a straight-through cable is used, reseat the cable to ensure a firm connection.
Reinstalling Windows on the workstation will not help because this is a Layer 1 problem having to do with the switch having power or the use of proper cabling.
You should not ensure that the cable is crossover, because straight-through (patch) cables are used to connect switch ports to hosts.

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