Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 450

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The following are the components used for network and Internet communications and their appropriate descriptions:
-Router: Separates broadcast domains while connecting different networks. Routers provide a medium for connecting Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) segmentsn
-Hub: Provides a common connection point for the network devices. Hubs are generally used for LAN segmentation. A hub also regenerates the signal when it passes through its ports. Hub works at Layer 1 of the Open system Interconnection (OSI) model.
-Switch: Used to provide a separate connection for each node in a company’s internal network. Switches work at Layer 2 in the OSI model and perform the function of separating collision domains.
-Firewall: Used to secure the network against unauthorized and malicious access attempts.
Network Fundamentals
Describe the impact of infrastructure components in an enterprise network
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