Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 45

.Which of these applications uses the IMAP protocol to transfer information between a server and a host?

A. E-mail
C. Web browser
D. Telnet

Correct Answer: A

E-mail applications use Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) to retrieve messages from mail servers. IMAP differs from Post Office Protocol (POP3) in that IMAP allows the
manipulation of email message as they remain on the email server, unlike POP3 in which the email can only be downloaded to the client. By default, IMAP uses TCP port 143. IMAP3
uses port 220.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) does not use IMAP. FTP transfers files from an FTP server to a client computer over the Internet or intranet. By default, FTP uses TCP port 21 to connect
to the client system.
A Web browser does not use IMAP. It uses Hyper Text Transmission Control Protocol (HTTP) to exchange information over the Internet. A Web browser provides access to the
Internet through which a user can access text, images, and other information on a Web site. By default, HTTP uses TCP port 80 to connect to the client computer.
Telnet does not use IMAP. Telnet is an application that remotely accesses a computer for the purpose of executing commands. It uses TCP port 23 to connect to the remote
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