Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 425

.You are the network administrator for your company. The network at the company’s office is due to be upgraded, and you have been assigned the responsibility of identifying the
requirements for designing the network. You need to provide network connectivity to 200 client computers that will reside in the same sub network, and each client computer must be
allocated dedicated bandwidth.
Which device should you use to accomplish the task?

A. router
B. hub
C. switch
D. firewall

Correct Answer: C

You should use a switch to accomplish the task in this scenario. A switch is used to provide dedicated bandwidth to each node by eliminating the possibility of collisions on the switch
port where the node resides. Switches work at Layer 2 in the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model and perform the function of separating collision domains. When a node
resides in its own collision domain, the possibility of collisions (which slow throughput due to the subsequent but necessary retransmission) is eliminated. The advantage of using a
switch instead of a hub is that a switch provides dedicated bandwidth to each client, while all connected clients share the bandwidth on a hub.
A router will not be a suitable device in this scenario. Routers are Network layer devices that are used to separate broadcast domains and connect two or more different subnets or
network types. There is only a single subnet in the scenario so a router is not required.
A hub will not be a suitable device in this scenario. Hubs are Physical layer (Layer 1) devices that are used to connect clients to the network. A hub simply broadcasts data to all its
ports; it does not create separate collision domains. All clients connected to a hub are a member of a single collision domain. In a scenario where a number of devices connected to a
hub are experiencing network slowdowns, especially when using network-based applications, replacing the hub with a switch is almost always the best solution.
A firewall will not be a suitable device in this scenario. A firewall is a device used to secure the network against unauthorized intrusions and malicious attacks.
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