Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 423

.Your network consists of one HSRP group of six routers. All of the routers are functioning properly. The network has been stable for several days.
In which HSRP state are most of the routers?

A. Learn
B. Listen
C. Standby
D. Active

Correct Answer: B

If all of the routers in the Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) group are functioning properly, then most of the routers in the group are in the listen state. Four routers will be in the
listen state, one router will be in the standby state, and one router will be in the active state.
HSRP is used by a group of routers to create the appearance of a virtual router with which end stations can communicate in the event that the default gateway becomes unavailable.
The active router is responsible for forwarding packets that are sent to the virtual router. The standby router is responsible for assuming the role of active router should the active
router fail or become unavailable. All other HSRP routers monitor the hello messages sent by the active and standby routers. Should the active and standby routers both become
unavailable, the HSRP router with the highest priority is elected to become the active router by default. For routers with equal priority values, the router with the highest IP address
becomes the active router.
HSRP routers can exist in one of the following six states:
All HSRP routers start in the initial state. A router in the learn state is waiting for its first hello message from the active router so that it can learn the virtual router’s IP address. When
the hello message is received and the virtual router’s IP address is discovered, the HSRP router is in the listen state. A router in the listen state listens for hello messages from the
active and standby routers. If an election for a new active router and a new standby router is required, then an HSRP router will enter the speak state and begin transmitting hello
messages. The standby state is reserved for the standby router, and the active state is reserved for the active router. Only routers in speak, standby, and active states will transmit
hello packets.
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