Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 372

.Which type of connector is used for an Integrated Services Digital Network Basic Rate Interface (ISDN BRI) connection?

A. DB-60
B. RJ-45
D. Console

Correct Answer: B

An RJ-45 connector is used for an ISDN BRI connection. A BRI port is used in order to connect an asynchronous BRI interface.
The DB-60 option is incorrect because the DB-60 connector is used to provide connectivity between synchronous serial interfaces and Cisco routers. The serial ports are used to
connect with the synchronous serial interfaces. DB-60 serial ports are used for Wide Area Network (WAN) connections. High-speed lines (E1 or T1) can be configured using serial
The AUI option is incorrect because the AUI connector is used with Ethernet ports.
The console option is incorrect because console port enables device management. It provides out-of-band access to the router command line interface.
WAN Technologies
Describe WAN access connectivity options
Cisco Tech Notes > Cabling Guide for Console and AUX Ports > Document ID: 12223 HYPERLINK “”20 HYPERLINK “”Components: