Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 338

Click and drag the command(s) used to configure passwords on a Cisco router to their appropriate purposes. (Not all options will be used.)

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Following are the commands along with their descriptions:
enable secret john: The enable secret command is used to configure an encrypted password, which provides privileged administrative access to the IOS using the password “John”.
It is always advisable to configure an enable secret password. If an enable secret password is not configured and a console TTY password is configured, then a remote user can gain privileged administrative access from a remote VTY session which poses a risk to the network security.
enable password john: The enable password command is used to configure an unencrypted password.
To set a user mode password, which is one that you are prompted for when you connect to the router rather than when you try to execute the enable command, enter the line at which you want it effective (either line console 0, line aux 0, or line vty 0 4) and then password . An example of setting the user mode password for both the console and the telnet connections are shown below:
Router(config)#Line console 0
Router(config-line)#password cisco
Router(config)#Line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)#password cisco
Also be aware that as executed above the password will not be encrypted without the execution of the service password-encryption command prior to creating the passwords.
privilege level: This command is used to configure the privilege level assigned to a particular line in, such as the terminal or console line
privilege mode level level command-string: This command would be used to configure a particular privilege level and assign commands available at that level.
The other options offered are not valid commands.

Infrastructure Security
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Cisco > Tech Notes > Improving Security on Cisco Routers > Document ID: 13608 > Password Management