Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 328

.Which of the following cables would be used to connect a router to a switch?

A. v.35
B. crossover
C. rollover
D. straight-through

Correct Answer: D

A straight-through cable would be used. When connecting “unlike” devices, such as a switch to a router, a straight-through cable is used. This is a cable where the wires are in the
same sequence at both ends of the cable.
NOTE: The one exception to this general rule of connecting unlike devices with a straight-through cable is when a computer NIC is connected to an Ethernet port on a router. In that
case, a crossover cable is used.
A v.35 cable is used to connect serial connections between routers. This cable has a male DB-60 connector on the Cisco end and a male Winchester connector on the network end. It
comes in two types: DCE and DTE. It is often used to simulate a WAN connection in lab environments. In that case, the DCE end acts as the CSU/DSU and is the end where the clock
rate is set. A CSU/DSU (Channel Service Unit/Data Service Unit) is a device that connects the router to the T1 or T3 line.
A crossover cable has two wires reversed and is used to connect “like” devices, such as a switch to a switch. It is also used when a computer NIC is connected to an Ethernet port on
a router.
A rollover cable is used to connect to the console port of a router to configure the router. It is also called a console cable.
The diagram below illustrates the correct usage of each of the cable types shown using the following legend:
SO Ethernet Straight through Cable
CO Ethernet Crossover Cable
Serial Serial cable
RO Rollover cable
Network Fundamentals
Select the appropriate cabling type based on implementation requirements
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