Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 280

.What Cisco IOS command produced the following as a part of its output?

Port Security: Enabled
Port status: SecureUp
Violation mode: Shutdown
Maximum MAC Addresses: 2
Total MAC Addresses: 2
Configured MAC Addresses: 2
Aging Time: 30 mins
Aging Type: Inactivity
SecureStatic address aging: Enabled
Security Violation count: 0

A. show interfaces port-security
B. show port-security interface
C. show ip interface
D. show interfaces switchport

Correct Answer: B

The output is the result of executing the show port-security interface command. The sample output indicates that port security has been enabled on the interface, and that a maximum
of two MAC addresses has been configured. A violation mode of Shutdown indicates that if a third MAC address attempts to make a connection, the switch port will be disabled. It is
useful to note that you must specify a port number when you execute the command. In this case, the command was Switch# show port-security interface fastethernet0/1.
The output was not produced by the show interfaces port-security command. This is not a valid Cisco command.
The output was not produced by the show ip interface command. It displays protocol-related information about an interface, and nothing pertaining to switch port security. An example
of its output follows:
The output was not produced by the show interfaces switchport command. This command displays non-security related switch port information, such as administrative and operational
status and trunking:
Infrastructure Security
Configure, verify, and troubleshoot port security
Cisco > Support > Cisco IOS Security Command Reference: Commands S to Z > show port-security