Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 27

.What command should you use to quickly view the HSRP state of the switch for all HSRP groups of which the switch is a member?

A. switch# show standby brief
B. switch# show ip interface brief
C. switch# show hsrp
D. switch# show standby

Correct Answer: A

The command show standby brief should be used to quickly view the HSRP state of a switch for all HSRP groups of which it is a member. The summary information it provides
includes the group number, priority, state, active device address, standby address, and group address.
The command show standby can be used to display detailed information about HSRP groups of which a switch is a member. This command would not provide a quick view. This
command displays information about HSRP on all configured interfaces and for all HSRP groups. It also displays hello timer information and the expiration timer for the standby switch.
The command show ip interface brief is useful in that lists the interfaces and displays the basic IP configuration of each. This output would include the IP address of the interface and
the state of the interface, but not HSRP information.
The command show hsrp is not a valid command due to incorrect syntax.

Infrastructure Services

Configure, verify, and troubleshoot basic HSRP

Cisco > Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference > show standby
Cisco > Cisco IOS IP Application Services Configuration Guide, Release 12.4 > Part 1: First Hop Redundancy Protocols > Configuring HSRP