Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 207

.Examine the diagram below:
You attempt to make a Telnet connection from PC1 to the switch connected to the Web server, but the connection fails. After making a console connection to the switch connected to the Web server and executing the show run command, you see the following information:
Which value is NOT correct?

A. the default gateway
B. the VLAN number
C. the password
D. the login command

Correct Answer: A

The switch is connected to the F0/0/ interface on the router R1. The address of Fa0/0 should be the default gateway for the switch. This means it should be rather than
The VLAN number is correct. The IP address of a switch is set on the VLAN 1 interface of the switch.
The password can be anything you desire, so that is correct.
The login command is correct. This command instructs the switch to prompt for a password. Since there is a password configured, this will not prevent a connection to the switch.
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