Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 157

.You have been assigned a network ID of If you utilize the first network resulting from this ID, what would be the last legitimate host address in this subnet?


Correct Answer: C

When a class B address such as is subnetted with a /26 mask, the subnet mask in dotted decimal format is This means that the interval between the
network IDs of the resulting subnets is 64. The resulting network IDs are as follows:
and so on.
For the network ID, the last address in the range is, which is the broadcast address. Neither the network ID nor the broadcast address for any subnet can be
assigned to computers. This means that the addresses that can actually be assigned range from to The last legitimate host address, therefore, is cannot be used because it is the broadcast address for the network. is the network ID for the network, and is the first address in the second network.
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