Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 122

.Which Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) command would be used to set the privileged mode password to “cisco”?

A. router(config)# enable password cisco
B. router# enable secret cisco
C. router(config)# line password cisco
D. router(config-router)# enable password cisco

Correct Answer: A

The enable password command is used to set the local password to control access to privileged levels. This command is executed on the global configuration mode, as in router
(config)# enable password cisco. The syntax of the command is:
router(config)# enable password [level level] {password | [encryption-type] encrypted-password}
The parameters of the command are as follows:
level level: An optional parameter to set the privilege level at which the password applies. The default value is 15.
password: Specifies the password that is used to enter enable mode.
encryption-type: An optional parameter to specify the algorithm used to encrypt the password.
encrypted-password: Specifies the encrypted password that is copied from another router configuration.
The router# enable secret cisco command is incorrect because the enable secret command must be executed from global configuration mode, not privileged EXEC mode. In fact, this
is the password for which you will be prompted when you attempt to enter privilege exec mode.
The line password command is incorrect because this command is not a valid Cisco IOS command.
The router(config-router)# enable password cisco command is incorrect because the enable password command must be entered in global configuration mode.
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Cisco > Cisco IOS Security Command Reference > E > enable password
Cisco > Cisco IOS Security Configuration Guide, Release 12.4 > Part 7: Secure Infrastructure > Configuring Security with Passwords, Privilege Levels and, Login Usernames for CLI
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