Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 113

.You are advising a client on the options available to connect a small office to an ISP.
Which of the following is an advantage of using an ADSL line?

A. it uses the existing cable TV connection
B. it uses the existing phone line
C. you receive a committed information rate (CIR) from the provider
D. the upload rate is as good as the download rate

Correct Answer: B

xDSL lines, including the ADSL variant, use the existing phone line and as such make installing only a matter of hooking up the DSL modem to the line.
It does not use the use the existing cable TV connection. This is a characteristic of using a cable modem rather than ADSL.
You do not receive a committed information rate (CIR) from the provider. CIR is provided with a frame relay connection.
The upload rate is NOT as good as the download rate with asynchronous DSL (ADSL). The download rate is significantly better than the upload rate. Symmetric Digital Subscriber
Line (SDSL) is a version of DSL that supplies an equal upload and download rate, but that is not the case with ADSL.
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Describe WAN access connectivity options
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