Cisco CCNA mock exam questions sample test – Question 106

.Which of the following is NOT a feature offered by Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)?

A. variable length subnet masks (VLSM)
B. partial updates
C. neighbor discovery mechanism
D. multiple vendor compatibility

Correct Answer: D

EIGRP is a Cisco-proprietary routing protocol, and does not support multiple vendor environments.
EIGRP is a classless routing protocol, and thus supports variable length subnet masks (VLSM).
EIGRP routers build a neighbor table in memory, and use a multicast-based neighbor discovery mechanism.
EIGRP routers send partial updates when there are network events.
The following are features offered by EIGRP:
Fast convergence
Partial updates
Neighbor discovery mechanism
Route summarization
Routing Fundamentals
Compare and contrast distance vector and link-state routing protocols
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