CCNA Practice Exam Test Sample – Question 23

Drag the cable type on the left to the purpose for which it is best suited on the right. (Not all options are used.)
Select and Place:


q23-a1 cables

Section: Operation of IP Data Networks

To remember which type of cable you should use, follow these tips:
– To connect two serial interfaces of 2 routers we use serial cable
– To specify when we use crossover cable or straight-through cable, we should remember:
Group 1: Router, Host, Server
Group 2: Hub, Switch
One device in group 1 + One device in group 2: use straight-through cable
Two devices in the same group: use crossover cable
For example: we use straight-through cable to connect switch to router, switch to host, hub to host, hub to server… and we use crossover cable to connect switch to switch,
switch to hub, router to router, host to host…)